Royalprol is cocentratrd solution contain twin anticoccidials that provides a synergistic effect which is highly effective in the control of major coccidiosis causing Eimeria species of birds. Amprolium hydrochloride acts upon the first generation schizont to prevent merozoites production and that acts as competitive inhibitor of thiamine in the parasite metabolism. It exhibites high activity against E.tenella and E. acervulina. Ethopabate has anticoccid-ial activity especially against E. maxima and E. brunetti, and the synergistic combination of amprolium hydrochlo-ride and ethopabate is effective against E. necatrix



Each one liter contains: AmproliumHCL: 244.29 gm (Eq. to amprolium base 216 gm) Ethopabate: 14gm


For prophylaxis and treatment of coccidiosis in the broiler chicken

Dosage& Route of administration

Route of administration: orally in drinking water. For whole product: For treatment of outbreaks: 1 ml of Royalprol/8.64 kg of body weight (one liter of Royalprol per 900 liter of drinking water), for 5-7 days.


Stored at temperature not exceed 30 C˚.

Withdrawal time

Meat : nil

Warning & Precaution

1. The medicated water should be usedas a sole source of drinking
2. The medicated water should be consumed within 24 hours.

 Contra –Indication

Do not use in birds which are producing or may in future produce egg or egg product for human consumption

 Side – Effects

No side effects when used with the recommended doses.