Plasmacure (25 – 50)%


Plasmacure 250 containing Tylosin, which is belonged to the macrolide antibiotics. Tylosin act mainly on gram positive bacteria and mycoplasma, Tylosin Produce its bacteriostatic action by inhibition of protein synthesis through binding to the 50s ribosomal subunit. Tylosin is rapidly absorbed after oral administration and reach its maximum concentration in the blood after 1-2 hrs in the chicken.



Broiler Chicken: For treatment of CRD and air sacculitis caused by mycoplasma spp.



Each one gram : Tylosin tartrate 250gm.


Route of administration: 127 mg tylosin per kg bodyweight (corresponding to 508 mg plasmacure 250per kg bodyweight) for thr first5 days of life. it is strongly recommended to repeat the treatment of the birds at the age of 3 – 4 weeks.

For the treatment and preventions of necrotic enteritis: 10 – 20 mg tylosin per kg body weight (corresponding to 40 – 80 mg plasmacure 250 per kg body weight) for 7 days. For the preparation of the medicated feed the body weight of the animals to be treated and their actual daily feed consumption should be taken into due account. Consumption may vary depending on factors like age, breed, husband-ry system


Simultaneous use or less one-week past vaccination with Tylosin sensitive live vaccines.Tylosin resistance to other macrolide antibiotics.


Broiler chicken: Meat: 2 days.

Warning & Precaution

Don’t administer together with bactericidal antibiotics.


Stored at temperature not exceed 30 C˚.