Each dose contains a minimum of 10 (2.5) TCID 50 of freeze dried live attenuated sheep pox virus strain RM-65.



Each dose of the sheep pox has the following characteristics:


No local or systemic reaction .

Provides a satisfactory protection for at least one year against sheep pox infection.

Vacciation is followed by a good immune response.



Preventation of sheep pox disease in sheep.



Administer 1ml per animal subcutaneously: (in the elbow region).

Dissolve the freeze dried pellet vaccine with the cold and sterile diluent provided.

Use 50 ml diluent to each 50 doses vaccine vial and 100 ml diluent for 100 doses vaccine vial.

Administer subcutaneously (preferably in the elbow region) with a single dose at 2-3 months of age and revaccinate after 4 months in order to booster the animals’ immune response.

Re vaccinate the animals annually.

Use the vaccine immediately after reconstitution (within two hours in cool conditions.

A small nodular reaction may appear at the site of inoculation and disappears later.

If necessary sheep pox may be administered to pregnant ewes which will transfer immunity for young lamb during the first 3 months of age.



Zero days


Do not vaccinate sick or stressed animals.


Apply usual spectic procedures.

Use only clean, antiseptic or disinfectant – free materials for the preparation of the vaccine solution.

Although PPR vaccine is not pathogenic for humans care should be taken to avoid accidentals injections.

Reconstitue the vaccine immediately before use.

Unused opened vaccine containers and waste material should be decontaminated with suitable disinfectatnts (phenolics, idophores or formaldehydes) at the recommended concentration.



Store between  +2 C˚to +8 

Protect from sunlight.

The vaccine remains stable for 2 years from production date stated on the label under the recommended storage conditions.



Vials of; 50 doses, 100 doses and 200 doses.