Jovac NDV Clone


Freeze dried live attenuated Newcastle Disease Virus

strain Clone Vaccine

Newcastle disease is considered as one of the most important disease to be controlled in poultry. Control of the disease should be carried out by live vaccine to prevent the mortality and morbidity and to establish local and systemic immunity of respiratory tract which often allows secondary colonization of pathogenic bacteria.


Vials of 1000doses.



Jovac NDV Clone is indicated for prevention of poultry against Newcastle disease.



Each dose contains a minimum of 106.0 EID50 of freeze dried live attenuated Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) vaccine prepared from the reference strain Clone.


Vaccination schedule:

  • Primary vaccination at 1 day old.
  • Booster vaccination 1-2 weeks after the primary vaccination.
  • In areas infected by Newcastle disease bird are re-vaccinated every month.


  • Intraocular/intranasal route:

– Dissolve the vaccine in physiological saline solution (35 ml).

– Administer one drop of the vaccine using a dropper into one eye or nostril.

– Use the vaccine immediately after reconstitution (within two hours in cool conditions).

  • Oral route via drinking water:

– Reconstitute the vaccine with cold pure drinking water, free of antiseptics, adding to it powdered skimmed milk (2 g/L) to stabilize the vaccine’s activity.

– The drinking water temperature containing the vaccine must not exceed 15-20 °C.

– It is advisable to deprive the birds of water 1-2 hours prior to vaccination.

– The vaccine should be given in the early morning or the cool period on a hot day.

– The vaccine should be diluted in adequate quantity of final drinking water in order be consumed within one to two hours after dissolving the vaccine in water according to age of the birds and climatic conditions as follows:

1-7 days of age

Dilute 1000 doses in 5 liters

1-2 weeks of age

Dilute 1000 doses in 10 liters

4-8 weeks of age

Dilute 1000 doses in 20 liters

3-4 months of age and above

Dilute 1000 doses in 40 liters


  • Aerogenic route by aerosol/spraying.

– Spray the vaccine solution over the birds, at a distance of 30 to 40 cm, using a coarse sprayer.

– Close windows, fans and heaters while spraying.

– The recommended amount of distilled water per 1000 doses is as follows:

1-7 days of age

200 ml

4 weeks of age

400 ml

Adult birds

500 ml






  • Vaccinate only healthy birds.
  • Deprive birds of drinking water 1-2 hours before vaccination.
  • Apply usual aseptic procedures.
  • Use only clean, antiseptic or disinfectant-free materials for the preparation of the vaccine solution.
  • Unused opened vaccine and waste material should be decontaminated with suitable disinfectants (phenolics, idophores or formal aldehydes) at the recommended concentration.


Store between +2 °C to +8 °C and protect from sun light.

The vaccine remains stable for 2 years from production date stated on the label under the recommended storage conditions.